202003 – (With Seal) Lt Brown , 20 Ga Almond Crepe, Silver Rose Hardware

$1,995.00 $795.00

Casket Features

202003 – 20 Gauge Steel
Light Brown Finish
Light Almond Crepe Interior in a French Fold Design
Silver Rose Hardware
Half Couch
Full Rubber Gasket Seal
Eternal Rest Adjustable Bed
Matching Pillow and Throw
Square Casket Corners
Locking Mechanism
Continuous Weld Construction Which Completely Seals the Bottom
20 gauge steel is about 30% THINNER than 18 gauge steel
Fits In Standard Burial Vaults

Casket Dimensions
Exterior width of casket: 28″
Exterior length of casket: 81″
Exterior height of casket: 23 1/2″
Interior width: 24″
Interior length: 79″
Actual Weight: 240 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds


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